Bringing wonderful Japanese entertainment takes a lot of people and we at HaroRangers would like your help in bringing more (like Dorama, Tokusatsu and PVs) to English-speaking peoples. We’re always looking for more crew members. Below is a list of positions we’re looking to fill.

Japanese to English. Japanese language skills are a must (interpreting by ear is preferred, but if you can use a transcript, that’s fine too. Just remember that transcripts may not always be available) and good English skills are preferred (good grammar, spelling, punctuation), too. You will get a say in what you get to translate and we’ll do our best to build a team who share similar translating interests. Experience with fan-sub groups isn’t needed, but it will be helpful.

You just need basic knowledge of Aegisub (or another program of your choosing) to be able to time projects. Prior experience would be preferred but since timing is fairly easy to learn it’s not required.

If you’re interested in joining you can leave a comment on this post with your email/IM info (Yahoo!, MSN (Live), ICQ, Google Talk or AIM) or send a mail to staff[at] Joining will also mean you get an email address of your choosing.

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