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Toubousha episode 1 v2

Sunday, April 25th, 2010 by Drazic

It’s been a while since we’ve started Toubousha and while we were somehow very happy with the result ourselves at the time, the subs for episode 1-2 kind of really sucked. So now we’re going to restart the series and release it properly this time. Changes include:
– Better translation
– No more awful typesetting
– Less credits, those credits for ep 2 were on the worst place ever. Not going to do that anymore
– No karaoke

Overall it’s just a way better release. We’re also going to be finishing the series for sure this time as most of the translation work has been done already.

And since I haven’t announced it properly on the site yet. We’re doing subs for the spring drama Keibuho Yabe Kenzo. Which is a Trick spinoff with Yabe Kenzo as the main character.

Download it here

HaroRangers’ 3rd Anniversary

Saturday, February 13th, 2010 by Drazic

It’s  February  13 again! Which means as you could have guessed from the title of this post that it’s our third anniversary. I’m not sure if it counts since the site wasnt even up at the time (I was planning to go irc only at first). It is the day I uploaded the first release though. Which I wont link here cause it sucked ass. We did a v2 of this pv for our first anniversary which you can get here. The site itself got made later but  I forgot when that was. So that’s why the release of our first pv is considered the anniversary. Even though it sucked ^^.

So it makes sense that the first release to celebrate this would be a PV too! Though we had a lot more planned for this we’ll probably still release some cool things this week. Stuff like Ningen no Shoumei episode 8 will probably take a bit longer but they’ll get released soon. We’ll be sure to have the series finished this year! ;P

The first release is SAWA’s Swimming Dancing.

Download it here

The Saigoyume Committee Fansub Video Playback Guide

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 by Drazic

For anyone having trouble playing 720p mkvs on their pcs. Here’s a guide made by Saigoyume fansubs that should work for you if you’re running Windows XP/Vista or 7. Mac or Linux users dont need this as they can just install mplayer (

This guide has been compiled and tested to work with only modern Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (XP,Vista & Seven) and should work on a large range of machine configurations including low spec machines such as netbooks. The lowest specification machine that has been confirmed to play back all our files correctly is an Intel Atom single core 1.6 GHz CPU with 512mb Ram, but you may need to follow the optional steps provided to run perfectly.



Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 by Drazic

No 720p raws = no releases.

New IRC Channel

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 by Drazic

Our IRC Channel can now be found on Since nobody seemed to care about the old irc channel that was on (Which had a different name than the group too since it was made before the group started) I decided to move the channel to rizon. The new channel is:

#HaroRangers @

There’s a XDCC bot that currently has most of our releases allready (let me know if you want something added). This bot will also have future releases slightly earlier than the normal torrent release and you’ll be able to get them faster there. The XDCC bot is there thanks to twilightNoir/twilightBlanc. So be sure to thank him if he ever pops up in the channel again!

Use this if you dont have an IRC client. You cant download from the XDCC bot with this so getting a proper client is better. (Windows, Mac, Linux/BSD)

Shiroi Haru ep04 (1280x720 DivX6.8.4).avi

Second MKV Test Release

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 by Drazic

As mentioned in the previous post we’re going to be re-releasing both of the Pefume Hey!x3 we subbed a while ago in mkv+embedded softsubs. The one for Love the world got released along with the previous post so it’s time for Baby Cruising Love now.

We’re also still looking for more people to join HR. (Mainly looking for translators, timers and karaoke typesetters). Read this if you’d like to join.

Baby cruising love at Hey!x3: click


MKV Test Release

Monday, July 20th, 2009 by Drazic

It’s 2009, we’ve got awesome stuff like MKV and embedded subs and stuff for a while now. So why are we still doing MP4 hardsubs? I couldn’t find a good answer which is why we’re going to slowly change our encoding from mp4 hardsubs to MKV embedded softsubs.

Current encoding decisions were made when MKV+embedded softsub support was still very bad on operating systems that aren’t Windows. I’m using Mac OS X myself and at the time I founded HR the only way to play MKV+embedded softsubs on there was with VLC. Which was horrible. It was obvious that I couldn’t even consider using MKV back then because of that. But now there are programs like Perian for Quicktime, Mplayer extended and the newer updates of VLC Player which make sure that they work just as fine as on Windows.  So while I feel that there was a good reason to do MP4 hardsubs when we started out, there are no longer any reasons to not support MKV.

Current hardsubbed projects will stay hardsubbed for consistency but any new project we start will be encoded in MKV+embedded softsubs. We’ll also be doing seperate softsubs for Jikou Keisatsu 2 because of the lack of HD encodes of that series (only for ep 6-9, you can find softsubs for 1-5 at d-addicts). Karaoke PVs will stay hardsubbed. We haven’t decided yet wether that will remain as  MP4 hardsubs or will become MKV hardsubs.

To show how this will work we’re going to do a re-release of the Perfume talk segments at Hey!x3 we did in MKV with embedded softsubs. For now this will only be the HD version but if there’s enough requests for an SD version encoded like that we’ll do that too. Love the world is going to be released first and then Baby cruising love will be done sometimes after that.

Love the world at Hey!x3: click


HaroRangers Second Anniversary

Friday, February 13th, 2009 by Drazic

HaroRangers is two years old now! While the site and the first release that actually was good arent two years old today is the second anniversary for the first HR release (which was rather crappy ^^). I hope you enjoyed our subs so far and to celebrate here’s episode 4 of Runaway and Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

Runaway 4
CarRanger 4

Now hiring

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 by Drazic

Bringing wonderful Japanese entertainment takes a lot of people and we at HaroRangers would like your help in bringing more (like Dorama, Tokusatsu and PVs) to English-speaking peoples. We’re always looking for more crew members. Below is a list of positions we’re looking to fill.

We’re also hoping there are some kind people willing to donate some money to our PayPal account. As I’ve been spending more money on the group lately, I’d appreciate it if people would help a bit with that. The money will go to payments for the seedbox, domain and to buy DVD raws for PVs and dorama/toku. You can use the button on the left sidebar or send something to paypal[at] You wont get anything from donating. Just knowing that you are helping us a bit is what you’ll get.


Japanese to English. You obviously need enough Japanese skills to be to be able to translate Japanese (interpreting  by ear is preferred, but if you can use a transcript, that’s fine too). You will get a say in what you get to translate and we’ll do our best to build a team of other members who are interested in it. Experience with fansub groups isn’t needed but it’s obvious that you have to have some experience with translating Japanese.

– Timers

You just need basic knowledge of Aegisub (or something else if you want) to be able to time releases. This and translators are the only positions where we might consider having people without experience join.

– Karaoke timer

Simple enough, just need to be able to time a PV with karaoke.

– Typesetter

For this you need to be able to typeset subs for dorama/toku/etc. You don’t need to be able to do effects.

– Karaoke typesetter

Since we’re only looking for people with experience, you know what to do. Need to be able to QC the timing and make effects for the karaoke. Experience and knowledge of karaoke timing required!

If you’re interested in joining you can leave a comment on this post with your email/IM info (Yahoo!, MSN (Live), ICQ, Google Talk or AIM) or send me a mail to staff[at] Joining will also mean you get an email address of your choosing.


February 6

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 by Drazic

Which means it’s Tommy’s birthday today! It’s her thirty-third birthday. We allready released a Tommy pv so that was kind of an early present I guess =P (I kinda forgot it was her birthday today). So this post is just to wish her a happy birthday and say that there’s more subbed tommy pvs coming soon! ^^

Download the tommy pvs we released so far here, here and here!