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Recruitment, updates and such

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 by Drazic

It’s been a while since we’ve had any translators express interest in working with us, so to be clear: we are still looking for new translators! One of our main translators recently informed us he wasn’t able to continue translating with us, and while this is only an inconvenience for some of our current projects, it means we can’t start any new drama projects.  If you’re a capable translator interested in working with us, feel free to jump on #harorangers @ (If you don’t know what that means, use this: ). Once you’re there poke me (Drazic) or Makhazol for more information.  Alternately, mail us at staff [at] There’s no real requirement for joining, I’ll just throw you an ep or two of a drama and see how that goes.

As some of you might have noticed, we also announced we’d be subbing Unmei no Hito on the jdrama fansub map. While we did start work on Episode 1, the translator had to stop because of real life problems. There’s Japanese subs, but the language used is quite a bit harder than in your usual Japanese drama. If you think you’d be able to handle that, we’d especially love to hear from you. Otherwise, we also have various other dramas that we could do, should they pique your interest. I bought a few R2 drama DVDs a while ago, and there are still plenty of dramas (with Japanese scripts) in need of subbing.

With regard to our current projects:

– Carranger

Progressing, slowly. Seems like someone out there really doesn’t want this subbed, given all the delays and obstacles we’ve faced, but we promise that we won’t let the sub ninjas win! No matter how long it takes, this will be done.

– Hurricanger

Progressing. Expect episode 4 soon, and 5 is being worked on.

– Last Mail

This is one of the projects the translator I mentioned earlier was working on, but he said that he’d still finish the first season of this before he quits altogether. Expect a batch for ep 1-3 soonish if this happens.

– Ningen no Shoumei DVD v2s

Slowly being worked on. Need to make sure I didn’t waste the 200 euro I spend on the DVDs.

Go-Busters shut down

Monday, February 27th, 2012 by Drazic

So, after we released the first episode of Go-Busters, another group we respect a lot – Over-Time – subsequently decided to sub it and released their version of the episode. We’re not that interested in trying to compete with them, so we won’t be continuing to sub the show. The first episode was done on impulse – we didn’t know whether Over-Time would sub it, and Aesir seemed like they wanted to but their translator wasn’t sure if he could manage it alongside his other shows. When we found out Over-Time was going to do it, we were already close enough to having a finished product that we didn’t want to let it go to waste.

So yeah, go to for future eps of Go-Busters. We might or might not release a v2 of episode 1 to fix a few things, but given that we don’t plan on doing future episodes it doesn’t exactly seem too urgent.

Do as Infinity – Ariadne no Ito

Sunday, January 1st, 2012 by Drazic

And here’s our new year’s release. It’s not much but I haven’t really had a proper computer to do subbing on in the last few weeks. Although I finished timing this before my comp broke down, it still took a while before releasing because aaron_yume’s internet was too shitty to upload the encode (damn you Mexicans!). I decided to release it now instead of at 12 to make it seem like I have a life.

Anyway, not many releases lately, but that’s partly because of my comp dying on me. You can blame the rest on various other people.  Car might actually be faster this year (I might’ve said this last year as well? lol) and we’ll definitely finish Angel bank and do some other drama projects.

I’d also like to thank everyone involved with the Hurri project, we wouldn’t have gotten the “Worst fansub shit of the year 2011” award without your help.  Oh, and I’d like to thank my cats.

Anyway, Happy new year!

PS: This is also the fourth anniversary release. Hopefully we can do an actual anniversary release for the fifth one.

Torrent | DDL 

Ningen no Shoumei DVDs

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 by Drazic

A while ago I posted to ask if anyone owned Ningen no Shoumei DVDs and if they could rip them for us so we could make some DVD v2s for the series. Since nobody replied I decided to buy them myself and they arrived today! I dunno when we’ll start releasing these but  we’ll be doing v2s of Ningen no Shoumei with prettier encodes, typesetting and a better translation. Besides that I’m really just posting this to brag about how I bought the dvds. LOOK, I HAVE MONEY!  I’ll hope you all be very jealous and look forward to the Ningen no shoumei v2s.

Carranger update

Monday, May 23rd, 2011 by Drazic

Since it’s already been a while since we released the v2 batch for ep 1-3 I figured i’d make a post explaining why ep 3-6 arent released yet (If something like this happens again we won’t mind if people ask, just don’t be an ass about it). Basically releasing ep 1-3 was somewhat bad timing as two of the Carranger staff were in their finals/exams or whatever. I figured that since they were just v2s we could release the v2s in a timely manner anyway but I was wrong. Work on the second v2 batch should be almost done now though so look forward to that soonish.

For now you can go to O-T’s website to download episode 14 of Gokaiger which is the Carranger episode:

Ningen no Shoumei DVDs

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 by Drazic

We finished subbing Ningen no Shoumei a while ago but it was before our switch to mkv and like Carranger there are some things that we found later that could use fixing. So we’d like to do a v2 for the series using the DVDs as a source instead of the tv-rips.

Since the japanese DVDs of Ningen no Shoumei are stupidly expensive (280$ on yesasia for the whole thing) we were hoping someone who’s reading this owns the DVDs and can upload the ISOs for us. If you have the DVDs and want to share the ISOs please send a mail to staff [at] or comment on this post.


Thursday, April 14th, 2011 by Drazic

Since interest for our blog spiked with the recent releases of Carranger 1-3  I figured now would be a good time to do a post like this. We’ve been severely understaffed for a while now and would like to see more people join the team to help with translations and/or timing.

We’re looking to fill the following positions, be aware that since we’re mostly a drama group that while there might be chances to work on toku It’ll most likely be drama for the most part. Feel free to apply if you only want to work on toku anyway though, we’re not going to force you to work on drama if you don’t want to (obviously) :

-Translator (Japanese to english)

Experience required.  There’s japanese subs available for a good amount of  projects if you’re not too confident about your hearing skill.

– Timer

Experience preferred but not required.

If you’re interested in joining please send a mail to staff [at]

And in case you still don’t want to join and are still waiting for more Carranger you can watch the following bbed sentai while waiting:

I’d be surprised if people reading this don’t know them but they do weekly subs for this year’s Sentai and Rider (and some random anime stuff it seems). 

A relatively new group that finished Gaoranger a while ago and is now working on Sun Vulcan.

A new group that started a while ago that’s now doing pretty well at releasing GoGoV, Kakuranger and Zubat.

Recently started subbing Ohranger.

Carranger – Episodes 1-3 V2

Saturday, April 9th, 2011 by Drazic

This release will start our reboot of the Carranger fansubs. While I realize that because it’s been so long since the latest release it’s very annoying to see us restart the series instead of continuing at ep 14 it’s something we had to do. With the not so recent anymore changes in HR encoding and typesetting the v1s of ep 1-13 simply looked too out of place. It also gave us a chance to give these eps another QC and translation check and to re-consider some decisions made during translation of v1 (Believe it or not but the v1 of ep 1 was quite rushed).

So here’s the first batch of v2s of Carranger. It’s the first three episodes. The things that were changed in comparison to the earlier releases are the following:

– It’s released in a MKV with embedded softsubs like all our other recent drama projects.

–  New typesetting and no more karaoke or effects. While expjeans did an excellent job on the effects they simply aren’t needed.

–  Another QC/Editing which fixed some minor errors that were still left in the previous release.

– New translation for the OP/ED done by Kiwi-musume.

– Like I said earlier we were able to re-consider some translation choices. For example, Extreme Rush is gone and it’s simply Racing now. Extreme Rush kinda sucked.

– The running gag of the Bowzock mispronouncing earth that we missed the first time isn’t missed this time. We were planning to use “Eearth” at first but since we noticed GSF used “Earf” in their release of Car vs. Kaku I decided to use that too since I liked it better.

That’s about it. This all to me makes the subs a lot better. I dunno when we’ll be able to release the next few batches but it shouldn’t be too long.


Download it here (torrent)

DDL: ep01 ep02 ep03

(DDL for avi versions can be found in the comments)

Keibuho Yabe Kenzo DDL plus donating rant

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 by Drazic

And here are some more DDL links. After this little rant that is:

I removed the paypal link from our sidebar a few days ago because to be honest even if I did get a donation I wouldn’t know what the hell to do with it. At the time I added the link I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put it up in case someone came by who wanted to donate anyway. But since I manage to run the group without spending much money at all on it (and even if I did, that’s not really your problem is it) I decided to remove the link. The only real costs I have are 15$ per year for the domain and I’m perfectly capable of paying that myself.

Also, while I realise this is going to make me sound like a hypocrite since we had the banner up for so long but there are tons of better ways to spend your money than to donate it to fansubbing groups. There’s some really good charities out there that could use your money a lot better than some people subbing japanese media as a hobby. You could even buy some legit releases of stuff! Hobbies tend to cost money and if a group can’t do it without getting loads of money via donations then I think they shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Anyway, here’s what you were actually looking for in this post:


Our goal: World Peace

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 by Drazic

As everyone knows, most organizations have a goal they want to achieve.  For example, Shocker’s goal was to rule the world.  We won’t turn you into a cyborg and brainwash you, though.  We’ll just brainwash you.  For fan-subbing, a goal would be to sub every series with Shida Mirai in it.  But since goals like that are boring and often very hard to complete, that wont be our goal (though I do love Shida Mirai and would like to sub a series with her in it some time).

We’ll need a goal that benefits us without causing a lot of extra and/or useless work. So, what we’re trying to do is set an example.  We’ll release fan-subs the way we’d like to watch them and hope that people agree with it and will want to release their subs the same way.  This is something fan-subbers often seem to forget.  If you’re subbing something, you have to ask yourself: “Would I love this release if it weren’t mine?”  If the answer to that question is “no,” then you’re doing something wrong.

As someone just watching the subs, would you enjoy having the group’s logo on screen all the time?  Hell no!  Would you enjoy having all sorts of warnings about streaming and/or selling the subs?  Certainly not!  I realize it’s horrible to see others just use your work and make some money out of it, but a simple warning in the subs isn’t going to stop them.  In fact, even in cases where bootleggers use soft-subs, they are often too lazy to remove these messages.

So, in our case this would mean that we’d want easy-to-read soft-subs that are mainly made for use on a computer, but can also be played on a TV, if the viewer puts some extra work into it.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing now.  And because something like subbing all drama containing Shida Mirai is already an impossible task, our goal is to try to show the drama fan-subbing community that it’s not scary to use soft-subs, MKV format, or to not use a watermark.

Bogdan Drazic

-HR Editor-in-Chief