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Ningen no Shoumei finale

Monday, May 31st, 2010 by kazetrigger
Here it is at last!  The final episode of Ningen no Shoumei.  It’s been fun working on this series and I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as Harorangers has enjoyed bringing you this series.  Whether it was Munesue’s indefatigable tenacity or the bickering between Niimi and Oyamada, there was always something interesting to see.  Now that this series is complete, we’ll be looking into the next projects, so stay tuned for more news on the future of HaRorangers.

Download it here

Ningen no Shoumei episode 9

Sunday, May 30th, 2010 by kazetrigger

We’re almost there!  Episode nine of Ningen no Shoumei is here!  I hope all of you have enjoyed the previous episodes.  The ninth episode is really interesting and leads into the great conclusion to a wonderful series.  So, here’s episode nine and expect episode ten in the coming days.

Download it here!

Ningen no Shoumei Episode 7

Monday, December 28th, 2009 by kazetrigger

It’s me again. We’re working hard here at Harorangers to bring you this series and several others. Now we have episode 7 of Ningen no Shoumei for your enjoyment. For our anniversary celebration we have some special releases which we think you will enjoy, so come back soon to see what they are!

Download it here!

Ningen no Shoumei Episode 6

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 by kazetrigger

Well, I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m still working on several translations. Here is Ningen no Shoumei episode 6. Episodes 7 and 8 are in the works, so don’t worry, we’ll have those ready soon. I hope you’re all enjoying the series so far, and there are other projects in the works, but I won’t comment on those right now, since nothing is definite.

Download it here

Yousei Teikoku – Wahrheit PV Release

Thursday, July 16th, 2009 by kazetrigger

Well, as I said before, there would be more translations by me. This one is by a duo I’m quite fond of, so I hope you enjoy it as well. However, this was a slightly difficult translation and I have a few notes here to explain why I translated this PV the way I did.

NOTE: Wahrheit is German for “truth.” “Eine Krone” means “one crown,” possibly a reference to the Crown of Thorns placed on Jesus’ head at his Crucifixion.

– “Toki” actually refers to time, but the character used is read as “koku” which means Ke. A Ke is a scratch or marking that was used to measure 15 minute intervals. This would be used to tell anyone how much time had passed. Since these markings were most likely made on the ground or on stone sundials in antiquity, I decided to translate “toki” as “the earth” rather than “time”. Other references to time are translated as “when” according to context. However, to also give a sense of staining “time,” I chose “earth” as it could also be read as meaning “stained the earth a deep red.” (Earth, the planet, the course of history(i.e. Time)).”

– Believing this song to be an allusion to Jesus’ crucifixion, I chose language suited to the topic, even if the original Japanese is more poetic. Sometimes a literal translation is just nonsensical when put into English.

– Although “daiza” means “pedestal”, my research into the word suggests that the Japanese notion is closer to that of “tomb.” However, for consistency and grammar, I left both instances as “pedestal,” but I believe the first instance to be closer to “tomb” while the second is closer to “pedestal” as in “a bed-like support for a body within a tomb”.

– “ao” usually means blue, but a “blue pedestal” made me think of a stony color, which made me think of a stone pedestal, which Jesus’ tomb would have been carved out of.

Although there are other possible interpretations, I feel my less literal approach is more fitting to the style of the song and video.



Ningen no Shoumei – Episode 3 Release

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 by kazetrigger

Hello, everyone.

This is Kazetrigger, the latest addition to the Harorangers team. I’m the translator for Ningen no Shoumei and soon-to-be-more releases here at HR.

I hope you enjoyed the first two episodes of Ningen no Shoumei because it only gets better from here. So, here it is: Episode 3.

Download it here

See you.

PS: I found out that there’s a dvd release for Idoling!!!’s Kokuhaku. There will be a re-release soon so if you want better quality you can wait for that one (Drazic)