Carranger 47

Sunday, April 26th, 2015 by Corin


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Carranger in spirit!

9 comments on “Carranger 47

  1. supersonicjc says:

    almost there then we can see the vs specials, so glad the series is down to 1 more subbed then the 2 movies and another sentai fully subbed, cheers and hurrays abound

  2. jarkes says:

    Ironically, the suitless roll call hadn’t actually become a tradition yet at this point (I believe Dairanger was the first to do it, but they didn’t start doing it pretty much every year until Gaoranger).

  3. jarkes says:

    Also, will there be a batch file once you’ve posted the final episode?

  4. Ataru320 says:

    The countdown to the end continues, with this episode more or less doing something extremely rare in Sentai up to this point: yes there have been groups where one or even a few villains redeem, but I think the way Carranger does it is one of the few that actually can get away with it (probably due to its comedic nature and the whole storyline regarding the Bowzock, who are probably some of the most interesting villains in the entire franchise)

    Next time: the finale. Kurumagic vs. the darkest force of the universe. Who will prevail? A tiny warning: it won’t end how you’d think…but its Carranger, you should know that by now.

  5. Jake Sully says:

    Are you guys gonna sub Oh vs Car? Know its already subbed but i would love to see you sub it.

    Fantastic job guys. This show has already become one of my favorite sentais. Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy it!

    • supersonicjc says:

      im sure if they don’t/aren’t that mfc might since there doing oh, I read a long time ago that they were waiting for car to end before they did car vs mega

  6. Alex says:

    Nearly there, fantastic news. Any plans on covering the Carranger Super Video?

  7. Cock says:

    But you see, it is all about the tang. The poontang instant breakfast solution you knudges. So fuck you and meet me at the gay bathhouse.

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