Carranger 43

Monday, February 2nd, 2015 by Drazic


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10 comments on “Carranger 43

  1. Ataru320 says:

    Congrats for making it through the Christmas arc! Next up: Hirohisa Soda’s last ever Sentai writing credit. (oh, and Signalman brings his family for vacation)

  2. supersonicjc says:

    omg I love you guys now I have something much better to watch instead of the cheaters bowl, and since theres no toqger this week even better, only 5 more episodes?

  3. jarkes says:

    …Are you guys EVER going to get back to Hurricanger? Or maybe do some other projects?

  4. Champstice says:

    @Jarkes: Lack of staff.
    Current staff is busy with irl stuff.
    They want to get Carranger done first before working on anything else.
    They’re only motivated to do Carranger right now.
    There’s four possible reasons why they can’t work on both at once. Or heck, maybe they are working on Hurricanger/other stuff now and just not saying anything about it. Who knows?
    I’m just saying, all I know is that complaining to them about it probably isn’t going to speed them up.

  5. Hm…What are you going to do a movie? I hope you do …

  6. fuu says:

    great job, guys

  7. Aaron says:

    Thank you very much!! 😀

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