Carranger Revival

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 by Drazic

So here’s some more Carranger again. We know it’s been a really long time since the previous ep and we apologize for that. We just had a hard time finding some replacement staff that were up to snuff for the project and probably should’ve cut off someone from the project earlier. We’re not the kind of group to go “YOU’RE A WEEK LATE!? FIRED!” but we realize the wait so far has been too long.  But now that Corin has joined the team as editor we’re good to go for more Cat releases.

I’d also like to add that while we don’t really mind people asking about the status of Carranger please do keep it on-topic. Your reply will be ignored all the same if it’s posted to a Carranger post as one that’s posted to another random release. I’ve not really bothered deleting any off-topic posts but I might in the future if it gets annoying (it hopefully won’t be needed though). That’s not to say your comments will not be read but unless it’s an interesting question/remark it’ll most likely not be replied to. If we have a status update we’ll post it on the blog rather than in a comment!

Also, we’ve made some changes for this release that will be added to episode 1-22 after the series is fully released. We changed the typesetting a bit to make it more readable and we’ve also changed Earf back to Errrth

tl;dr: Episode 23-24

Torrent: 23 24

XDCC: #HaroRangers @


10 comments on “Carranger Revival

  1. fuu says:

    Sorry for being disruptive earlier, but I´m really glad for your returning to the episodes .

  2. Robbie says:

    oh, I had waiting this day for a very long time, thank you, thank you so much ^^

  3. says:

    Will you still sub Hurricane?

  4. ariimron21 says:

    thanks for the hardwork

  5. Al says:

    aww, I love Earf.

    Happy this project is back on track.

  6. yunlien says:

    Corin is the hero we needed, thanks !

  7. kenny says:

    number 23 was kinda a waste. glad you guys did two episodes! 24 was hilarious! especially the little kids. how they were so serious and then “okay guys. time to cry!” Who ever though I would love the series that gave us the awful turbo. But I love it! my favorite toku!

  8. Robbie says:

    I hope from now on you guys will focus more for this series and then complete it in the short time just like what you did with Ando Lloyd, hihi ^^

  9. JFBLADE says:

    Good luck with this.
    Will be checking every week for this:)

  10. CarRed says:

    anyone have DDLs?

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