Ando Lloyd Episode 5

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 by Drazic

In this week’s episode of Ando Lloyd we get introduced to the term VIP serial killer. Is it a VIP who’s also a serial killer, a serial killer who goes after VIPs or a killer of VIP Serials? Who knows! And if he’s a serial killer, why would he be a VIP?

Torrent Softsubs

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6 comments on “Ando Lloyd Episode 5

  1. Ken says:

    It’s great to have you guys back and subbing again. But I swear we need some carranger soon or else I’m just going to loose it.

  2. Ashgolden says:

    Thank you a lot for subbing this awesome drama!!
    Though, since d-addicts is often down, I’d like to know if you’re planning to upload the subs on some other site? I’m downloading the torrent now, hoping it’s hardsubbed, it’s so hard to wait!

    But thank you again for the amazing job you’re doing there!

    • Drazic says:

      The torrent’s file does include the subs but it’s not hardsubbed. It’s a MKV file with embedded softsubs. It’s basically the softsubs and the video in one file without actually hardcoding the subs on the video.

      You’ll only need the separate softsub/script files if you want to use a different raw you already downloaded.

      • R says:

        I’m sorry that I didn’t notice your reply until now, it’s actually very helpful, thank you! I will try with the mkv then, I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention the first time I tried.
        Thank you again for subbing this awesome drama and proposing ways to watch it, it’s really helpful and nice from you.

  3. waffocopter says:

    Thanks for subbing this! I haven’t watched a drama in a while and, on a whim, started searching for a nice new one to watch. I somehow stumbled onto Ando Lloyd and love it so far! First time watching a drama as it’s airing. Thanks so much for your work on this!

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