Ningen no Shoumei ep 3 DVD v2

Saturday, April 20th, 2013 by Drazic

And here’s another ep of the ningen v2’s, it’s still a low-priority project though so don’t expect ep 4 any time soon. If you’re in a hurry to watch the whole thing just grab the tv-rip versions we already released.

I’m curious if people even care about projects like this though. Do you re-watch/archive drama when versions with better raws/subs like this come available? The difference in image quality of the DVDs compared to the shitty tv-rips we used before is huge and it also contains a few new scenes now and then. Let me know in the comments! But so far it’s been a lot of work for something apparently just we care about.

All our releases are also available from a XDCC bot in our irc channel: #harorangers @


4 comments on “Ningen no Shoumei ep 3 DVD v2

  1. Pétalo says:

    Many thanks for resuming work on v2 releases of this drama.
    Your time and effort are appreciated! (^_^)b
    To answer your question, since I’ve only (relatively) recently knew about this drama, I hadn’t and refuse to download TV rips, as long as there’s a hope for a better, and also subbed, release. d(^_^)

  2. Kenny says:

    Guys its been almost three months!! This is getting ridiculous!

  3. Brad says:

    Personally, I’m more interested in Carranger, but you should sub what you like. I haven’t watched Ningen no Shoumei but if its a good drama and you want to update with the better quality video, go for it. Either way, thank you for doing what you do.

  4. Fuu says:

    Its been some time!
    Do you intend to sub more episodes of Carranger? I thought I´d never say it, but I actually miss the series hehehe!

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