Carranger 20

Saturday, January 19th, 2013 by Drazic

And here’s another ep of Carranger!

Since the DDL sites out there nowadays kinda suck we won’t be offering a official DDL link for our releases anymore. However I have recently upgraded my seedbox to a VPS which allows me to run a XDCC bot in our irc channel. Our irc channel is: #HaroRangers @

Translations notes for this episode can be found after the jump.


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Tanabata is a Japanese festival that occurs during the summer months. Its exact date is the “seventh day of the seventh month of the lunisolar calendar,” which means that by the Gregorian calendar we Westerners use, it occurs on a different day every year, usually in August or July. Tanabata occurs when the stars Vega and Altair “meet” in the sky. In Japanese legend, these stars represent the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi, lovers tragically fated to meet only for one day each year. It’s based on the Chinese Qixi festival and was imported to Japan by Empress Kouken in 755.

You celebrate Tanabata by writing your wishes for the coming year, sometimes as poetry, on small slips of paper called tanzaku. You hang them from a bamboo “Wish Tree, which you can also decorate with other ornaments (as you see in the episode). At the end of Tanabata, you burn the Wish Tree or toss it into a river. Simply making the wish won’t grant you what you want. The idea of Tanabata is that you spend the next year doing what you can to make your wish come true.

This ties in with the details of the original legend of Orihime and Kengyuu. In the story, the two are married after Orihime’s father, Tentei (the Pole Star) took pity on them and moved them in the heavens, so they could cross the Milky Way and meet. Unfortunately, Orihime was so head-over-heels in love that she neglected her weaving, leaving her father with no clothes to wear. Displeased, Tentei placed the two stars back in their original positions, with the Milky Way dividing them. Just as Orihime must work hard at her wearving to have her day with Kengyuu, people should work hard throughout the year to have their Tanabata wishes.

7 comments on “Carranger 20

  1. firepixiedarien says:

    What about the brand new Megaupload, now simply called Mega?

  2. Aron says:

    Thanks a lot guys! Can’t wait for the remainder of this series!

  3. Kenny says:

    Im getting some carranger withdrawl
    , can we get a status report for next episode?

  4. Kenny says:

    Update!! Grr!!

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