Carranger 19

Saturday, November 24th, 2012 by Drazic

Before one watches this episode it is essential you watch the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon for at least the first season.

Edit: Derp, I forgot to mux the font. I’ll put up a v2 shortly to fix this. Meanwhile if you care about the font for some reason and don’t want to re-download the ep: here it is.

Edit2: v2 is up.

Torrent | DDL

6 comments on “Carranger 19

  1. minohoro says:

    hats off to you guys! another episode in just a week? YPU GUYS JUST FREAKIN ROCK YOU KNOW! 🙂

    • minohoro says:

      sorry it was you not ypu. still you guys are just friggin awesome.

      also with what you said in the description: I watched the nostalgia critics review of the first season, does that count?

  2. minohoro says:

    wow I like the new design! its so bright and colorful! merry christmas!

  3. Ken Arromdee says:

    As I’ve never seen the TMNT cartoon, could someone please explain the joke?

  4. jolly_old_saint says:

    HG pose, hooo~

  5. niko says:

    thx for keep this project, carranegr is very cool!
    thank you! \o/

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