Carranger 18

Saturday, November 17th, 2012 by Drazic

And as promised, here’s another episode of Carranger. There probably won’t be as long a wait between eps again but who knows, stuff happens.

Torrent | DDL

10 comments on “Carranger 18

  1. minohoro says:

    they finished angel bank…..

    anyway quick question do you guys have the full raws for the show?

    • BunnyHat says:

      Almost. Raws are done for everything but the last disc.

      • Drazic says:

        We don’t have them all encoded yet but we do have all the raws. I bought the DVDs for both Hariken and Carranger a while ago.

      • minohoro says:

        so does that mean bunny hat raws will have them soon? I’m going on a little “watch every season before gokaiger” thing and car is the only one I cant find. I was going to as drazic to post the raws but if not I can wait 🙂

      • Drazic says:

        Nope. If you want raws you’re going to have to buy the DVDs (or find a download somewhere else).

  2. minohoro says:

    well I figured no would be the answer. no bother! I look forward to more of your excellent subs in the future :). catch ya on the flip side draz!

  3. minohoro says:

    I thought for a bit and I realised I should wait for the subs. I myself have a good grasp at japenese but car is such a parody filled show that I wouldnt have a right feeling for it. looking forward for car 19 and every thing else!

  4. Ataru320 says:

    Weird Youko is up considering this episode is Natsumi and next’s is Zonnette’s…Youko’s next won’t be until 21.

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