Signalman episode 12

Thursday, June 28th, 2012 by Drazic

So, I’m sure some of you were worried about the long delay between episodes. But hopefully, this will start to reassure you that yes, we do intend to finish this series before we die of old age. So, this week we meet a mysterious new character! Who is he, and what are his intentions? (HINT: IT’S TRAFFIC SAFETY)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the translator who’s taken over the show, TehKou. On top of her professional commitments and work on other fansubbing projects, she’s been able to find the time to help us out and really give this show the great translation it deserves, for which we’re very grateful.

I also want to use this release post to mention that, as always, we’re still recruiting for translators. But, we could also use the help of some skilled editors! While working on some DVD v2s for a drama project we did, I realized that it needs a full going over, from someone with a really good level of written English. If you’re interested, please come to our IRC channel: #HaroRangers @ and poke me (Drazic) or Makhazol or send a mail to staff [at]

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A few notes about this episode…

The charge that Signalman actually levies against the Bykergang translates literally as “inciting traffic wars.” “Traffic war” is a Japanese idiom that refers to a period where driving conditions are bad, a lot of people are on the road, and an unusually high number of accidents– or especially bad accidents– are inevitable.

The joke here is that Signalman is using the term literally, when in real life it’s just a figure of speech. This translation is trying to be consistent in translating the Japanese car and traffic jargon puns into their English language equivalents. Unfortunately, there’s not really an English driving term that corresponds well with the Japanese use of “traffic war” and has a comparable double-meaning.

Instead, it translated the line around a similar pun built around the English term “vehicular homicide,” a crime that involves causing a fatal accident by driving recklessly. Since the Bykergang is all about driving recklessly on a massive, planet-destroying scale, Signalman charges them with… vehicular genocide.

There’s also the line where we’ve translated Signalman as telling Red Racer that he can ‘go and eat pancakes’. In the Japanese it’s actually ‘kantonmen’, a type of ramen, but translating it that way would distract from the joke, which is the line’s total randomness. Similarly, when Kyousuke later says that Signalman can eat bagels, in the Japanese it’s tenshinmen, another type of ramen.

Enjoy the episode!

5 comments on “Signalman episode 12

  1. kenny says:


  2. Gonzales says:

    Thank you very much.

    Btw: might one ask for script releases?
    (Reasons: backup purposes + (imho) it’s easier to download a script than to extract it resp. extracting usually changes the position of comment lines and thus is inferior + if someone already has any raw from anywhere, it might be ‘better’ just to download a script)

  3. Ako says:

    I really hope that when u guys start releasing eps 1-10 with the new name of the gang, u can release acceptables subs (not too much contractions that leaves the impressions that a non-native English speaker can do better work qc–or that they weren’t run thru qc at all!) and a much less mb. C’mon! A file with 358 mb! wtf?! Also, u could offer a mp4 (hardsubbed) alternative. U guys don’t have fancy letters, fx, or colored letters, so i dont get why the files have to be so big!
    Please, don’t take this wrong. I’m happy with u doing Carrangers, but honestly, I think your v1 were better talking about subs than this new version. Anyways, hope u guys can teach your encoder how to encode or hire someone else who can actually encode. Or better, offer mp4 (hardsubbed). U know, there are some ppl who actually prefer mp4 b/c we like to play our series in tv n some dvd players don’t support mkv. And some don’t have a ps3 or don’t like to watch on laptop or wanna do a back up knowing they can play it on tv if they want to. Just consider this for the new releases.

  4. Ataru says:

    Great to see you up to Signalman! Though the next episode…pretty much two words define it:

    They Meet.

  5. […] Posted July 17, 2012 by Drazic in Tokusatsu. Leave a Comment It took us a lot longer than planned to get here but we’re finally releasing v1s again! If you’re one of those people who’ve ignored the v2s till we reached new eps please read the release posts for ep 11,12 and 13 to see what’s changed since then. (11, 12) […]

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