Carranger 11

Thursday, June 21st, 2012 by Drazic

So, here we are with a new Carranger episode! It’s been quite a while – longer than we’d hoped, certainly – but we’re back in action with a few changes in the staff. It shouldn’t be quite as long until the next release – not that that’s saying much!

If you’ve been keeping up with our releases of this, you’ll notice quite a few things done differently. Some of them are simply stylistic choices and so shouldn’t need much explanation, but the most noticable one is that we’re now referring to the Bowzock as Bykergang. This is because in the Japanese, the name “Bowzock” is a corruption of “Bousouzoku”, the term for a biker gang (which they use in the full title of the villain group). We wanted to really illustrate how redundant and silly this name is, and so we’ll be translating “Bousouzoku Bouzokku” as “Biker Gang Bykergang”. There’s a few other terms that will need explaining, but they don’t come up in this episode.

In the preview, we have Signalman making his appearance. The first thing of note here is his full name, Signalman Polise Coburn. “Coburn” is a corruption of “Kouban” – which refers to these boxes in Japan that act as miniature police stations, and are manned by a policeman who hangs around doing things like giving directions to old ladies.

The other matter should be obvious, but is worth noting anyway – in Japan, instead of being red, yellow and green, their traffic lights are red, yellow and blue.

I think that’s all for this episode, but expect more from us with future releases. We also plan to release an updated version of the first 10 episodes, complete with redone, improved translations and consistent with the new terminology, but we’ve decided to make fresh releases a higher priority for now.

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6 comments on “Carranger 11

  1. kenny says:

    FINALLY!!! I’VE BEEN GOING CRAZY WITH WAITING!!! What a great episode! I can’t wait for signalman! You guys are great! Thanks for your hard work! and keep making new episodes!

  2. Ako says:

    Guys, thanks for the subs. I really appreciate it. Though this one ep, keeps freezing on some parts. I use to play it vcl which is the default player for this kind of releases set in my laptop. With the past 10 eps, I didn’t have any problems but idk why with this one. Freezes for a sec and jumps making a horrible sound. Can u tell me if it’s just me or u gyus need to release a v3? N if it’s only me, what can i do to watch it w/o the freezing n more like any other ep?

    • Drazic says:

      It’s probably just you, I’ve just tried this in VLC myself and it works fine. Have you updated to VLC 2 yet?

      • Ako says:

        vcl2? I didn’t know there was another version…i’m gonna try to download that update n see what happens.

      • Ako says:

        Thanks Drazic. I updated the vcl version n now it works fine! Even the image is clearer now šŸ™‚ Thanks for letting me know about this new version šŸ˜€

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