Recruitment, updates and such

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 by Drazic

It’s been a while since we’ve had any translators express interest in working with us, so to be clear: we are still looking for new translators! One of our main translators recently informed us he wasn’t able to continue translating with us, and while this is only an inconvenience for some of our current projects, it means we can’t start any new drama projects.  If you’re a capable translator interested in working with us, feel free to jump on #harorangers @ (If you don’t know what that means, use this: ). Once you’re there poke me (Drazic) or Makhazol for more information.  Alternately, mail us at staff [at] There’s no real requirement for joining, I’ll just throw you an ep or two of a drama and see how that goes.

As some of you might have noticed, we also announced we’d be subbing Unmei no Hito on the jdrama fansub map. While we did start work on Episode 1, the translator had to stop because of real life problems. There’s Japanese subs, but the language used is quite a bit harder than in your usual Japanese drama. If you think you’d be able to handle that, we’d especially love to hear from you. Otherwise, we also have various other dramas that we could do, should they pique your interest. I bought a few R2 drama DVDs a while ago, and there are still plenty of dramas (with Japanese scripts) in need of subbing.

With regard to our current projects:

– Carranger

Progressing, slowly. Seems like someone out there really doesn’t want this subbed, given all the delays and obstacles we’ve faced, but we promise that we won’t let the sub ninjas win! No matter how long it takes, this will be done.

– Hurricanger

Progressing. Expect episode 4 soon, and 5 is being worked on.

– Last Mail

This is one of the projects the translator I mentioned earlier was working on, but he said that he’d still finish the first season of this before he quits altogether. Expect a batch for ep 1-3 soonish if this happens.

– Ningen no Shoumei DVD v2s

Slowly being worked on. Need to make sure I didn’t waste the 200 euro I spend on the DVDs.

3 comments on “Recruitment, updates and such

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  2. Ataru says:

    Sort of wondering regarding the sub stuff: as a huge Carranger fan (seen the series raw), I want to see it done. However, how are you doing it: scripts or direct from the episodes?

    • Drazic says:

      I’m assuming you mean whether we’re translating it from the audio? We are since as far as I know there aren’t any scripts and/or japanese subs for Carranger.

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