Wind Ninjas, Episode 3, on stage!

Sunday, March 4th, 2012 by makhazol

Things are picking up! As we mentioned when we released episode 2, there was an unusual delay after episode 1, so things should (theoretically) be faster. And behold! Here’s more!

We get a lot of the lovely Nagasawa Nao this episode, whom you might have been able to tell from our release images several of us on the team are somewhat enamoured with. However, there’s also a fair amount of singing, which caused considerable frustration – I’m thankful for the patience of all the staff who helped with them. Nao’s fine, of course, but some of the other characters singing in this episode…

Anyway, this kind of pace is more what we had in mind for this show. Hopefully we’ll be able to maintain it for a bit.

Torrent | DDL

7 comments on “Wind Ninjas, Episode 3, on stage!

  1. jonathanl says:

    I beg you to continue with go-busters

  2. Toaster says:

    Not that it matters, but it’s “enamored of” not “with.”

    • makhazol says:

      Actually, both are used around the same amount. Even if historically one usage was correct and the other not, because of the simple fact that both are widely used, both can be considered correct. Much like how despite the historically correct spellings, American English now considers spelling certain words without the letter ‘u’ correct, hey?

  3. ukiyaseed says:

    Guys, can you re-upload Carranger episodes 7-10 on some other file sharing site? The Multiupload links are now dead. Thanks in advance.

  4. KnuckleheadJones says:

    My kids and I appreciate your work on this series. Thanks very much, and sorry you have to endure the haters. If they already know Japanese well enough to give you grief, then why do they care about English subs at all? Honestly, you really don’t need to speak the language to figure out what’s going on in most Sentai shows anyway and still enjoy the show, so these turds can suck it. Keep your heads up and thanks again.

  5. AMCPress says:

    It’s awesome you also put the downloads up on here as well it helps making it easier for those who don’t use file sharing programs. It is a huge help.

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