Go-Busters shut down

Monday, February 27th, 2012 by Drazic

So, after we released the first episode of Go-Busters, another group we respect a lot – Over-Time – subsequently decided to sub it and released their version of the episode. We’re not that interested in trying to compete with them, so we won’t be continuing to sub the show. The first episode was done on impulse – we didn’t know whether Over-Time would sub it, and Aesir seemed like they wanted to but their translator wasn’t sure if he could manage it alongside his other shows. When we found out Over-Time was going to do it, we were already close enough to having a finished product that we didn’t want to let it go to waste.

So yeah, go to http://over-ti.me/ for future eps of Go-Busters. We might or might not release a v2 of episode 1 to fix a few things, but given that we don’t plan on doing future episodes it doesn’t exactly seem too urgent.

14 comments on “Go-Busters shut down

  1. Isamu says:

    damn and I was hoping for super quick subs like this for the whole series, thanks anyway

  2. keycore89 says:

    Sadly, I would love to see how you guys sub it. T_T

  3. yui koike says:

    just concentrate fully on Hariken and Car !!!!

  4. zerobuster says:

    I think having more then one fansubbers is fine because sometimes over-time takes way longer because they sub 4 shows every weekend. Hell I usually watch aesir’s fourze sub because it comes out before o-t’s, I’d say just keep doing it if you really want to. Fansubbing isn’t a competition.

  5. Shourikan says:

    I’m kinda happy, ’cause this leaves you guys with more free time to give us Hurri and Car, lol
    But, while I see why you would decide to stop after finding out they were doing it, why not approach them to do it as a joint project? Would take a lot of work out of their back (you know, four weeklies is a lot) and you’d still be able to work on Busters, since you seemed so excited about it.

    Just a suggestion, though. I’m in no position to tell you people wheter this is a good option or not.

  6. jonathanl says:

    I really like his version do you prefer go-buster, please do not decistan

  7. Maybe that means you can do akibaranger

  8. Ryu says:

    …. I loved Haro-Rangers version of Gobusters, the font and translations were really good. God Damnit.

  9. Red45 says:

    No one uses your crappy subs anyways…you guys should stop subbing because no one cares about you


  10. Abigail says:

    Look at how cute he is, acting like people care what he thinks.

  11. Dee says:

    Forget the troll Red45. Don’t make fansubbing a competition, your subs are just fine. It does take the work off your back though. We’re just happy that you’re doing Carranger.

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