Angel Bank – Episode 7

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 by Drazic

It’s been a little bit since our last Angel Bank release. We had some computer technical difficulties as well as work ethic difficulties that prevented us from releasing this in a timely fashion. There is some good news, though. The finale(#8) has already been translated, and is now going through final timing and QC. We will finish this project close to a year after we began. It’s been a fun ride.

This penultimate episode is more character-focused than other episodes of the series, and has more to do with the basic impact of economics on people rather than high level economic theory. The theme is the value of a dollar and how it correlates with a person’s individual happiness. The guest stars turn in some very good performances, and there are more of them than usual.

I think this is one of the best episodes of the series. It’s structured really well, and you do end up feeling for the characters involved. I hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed helping bring it to you.

Torrent | DDL | Softsubs

Thanks to everyone involved with encoding, TL’ing, timing, QC’ing, and releasing.

2 comments on “Angel Bank – Episode 7

  1. asdasdffasd says:

    Well guys, I just love seeing these kinds of episodes. I feel there is too much sentai going on in the scene right now, and not nearly enough of gems like these.


  2. famitsu1 says:

    Massive thanks for ep7 and it’s ddl.

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