Hurricanger episode 1

Thursday, November 10th, 2011 by Drazic

So what is this? The third time or something this episode got subbed? We’re not the kind of group to start from ep 2 though so here’s Hurricanger ep 1 again but now with our subs. Free internet cookie for everyone who complaints with arguments besides “But that’s how group X did it!” or you can just not complain. Either way is fine.

For those of you wondering how this will affect Carranger, it won’t. The original plan was to do this show after Carranger was done but HeatMetal from Over-Time showed interest in helping us sub the show making it quite silly to delay the release of this till Carranger is done since they won’t affect each other at all. So is Carranger slow? Yes. Will Hurri make it even slower? Nope. Will Hurri be faster than Carranger? Probably. We’ll also try to make Carranger releases faster though. It’d be kind of embarrassing for us if Hurri ended up catching up to Carranger after all (Not that it won’t happen).

Torrent | DDL

28 comments on “Hurricanger episode 1

  1. ZERO_ninja says:

    This looks terrible! Who’d you get to encode it, a braindead monkey?

    • ZERO_ninja says:

      Damn straight it’s not… of course all that stuff in it with fancy gubbins like video streams and audio streams was probably encoded from a DVD ISO, maybe in something like a h.264 8-bit video and AAC audio, but you sure as hell hit the nail on the head in telling us the container format alone is not encoding. Thanks for letting us know. =P

  2. Bernd says:

    >The third time or something this episode got subbed?
    Only remember HK rip/”hawkstorm”, TokuPlex & SkewedS => all three with hardsubs (avi resp. SkewedS’ as mp4). This is a .mkv, so this could and hopefully is a softsub (don’t know yet), so something new in terms of format.
    Imo softsubs are much better than hardsubs and thus thank you very much, HaroRangers!

  3. 鋏ジャガー says:

    I’m excited to see you guys tackling Hurricaneger, it’s a great show. Considering the amount of shit-talking already taking place, I’d like to point out that it’s obviously D.O.A. with all of the other groups supposedly working on it, so what’s the damage? Best of luck with the project, and thanks in advance for everything to come.

  4. GokaiKamen says:

    hehehe…I am look towards for the whole series being sub by this fansub =D

    • GokaiKamen says:

      Erm, the problem is my line is not stable for DDL download ><; and I hate HK sub

    • ninninnin says:

      @GokaiKamen, I checked the subs that’s available on It maybe HK sub, but I guarantee its subtitles translation is better and more accurate than the dump here. Some fansubs are even worse than HK sub. My first language is Japanese and I graduated a univ in Tokyo. Avoid junks. Sometimes HK is way better.

    • GokaiKamen says:

      erm, can you guys give me the link for the torrents? I really need torrent by the way ><…

    • Abigail says:

      “Go with Skewed if you want a fansub… they can at least typeset, time, and encode”

      Too bad they can’t translate, though.

      Also, watermarks. The truest sign of a good sub..

  5. Frumix says:

    The filename uses transliteration for easy identification. The actual subs provide a translation. Is that too hard to understand?

  6. DigiDude says:

    Anyone else think “Ninja Wind Squad” makes it sound like the squad is about Ninjas farting? >_> That’s why I much prefer other groups using Wind Ninja Squad. It’s translating it, then changing the order of the words to fit western grammar, much like how you’re supposed to. XD

    But people need to get over themselves. You can watch HK subs if you want. But for the most part, those subs are people guessing at what is being said, not what is actually being said. If you don’t believe that, compare Over-Time timeranger subs with the HK subs. MAJOR difference. Same with Abaranger and the few episode TV-NIhon has done.

    All sub groups start out with iffy subs. It’s how they learn. Complaining and telling them not to sub anymore is how we end up with so many shows like 3/4 of Super Sentai without subtitles.

    Get over yourself. Go watch the horrendous HK subs if you want. But don’t tell them to stop subbing. Just stop watching them.

  7. Dradick says:

    If you can’t even read Hiragana, you’re not yet ready for toku translation and fansubbing. Go to a language school first. You can try fansubbing after that schooling. What is this childish bold font? Who did you have typeset this junk? A clone sheep?
    Learn some lessons of basic. Language and typesetting. There’s no hurry. Sentai won’t run away. And you aren’t the only fansub group wannabe.

  8. Kilowog says:

    CringeFactor: HARO isn’t some group like Hi no Tori. Erlog is still active on the project, but you know, he’s a teacher living and working in Japan so he doesn’t the insane amount of freetime as heat.

  9. thank you for subbing, guys ❤ i hope you manage to make it through the entire series, that would make me the happiest little bird :3

  10. Bernd says:

    * “Font is too bold.”
    * “The name of the director of the ninja academy is wrong too. He is Mugensai. Not Mugenzai. Toei kindly provided with FURIGANA so that even a 5 years old Japanese kid can read it correctly.”
    – It’s no problem to extract the sub (mkvextractgui) and edit it. If this would be a gay hardsub (like those HK avi rips above or like SkewedS’ subs) this wouldn’t be possible.

    * “File name : Ninpuu_Sentai_Hurricanger
    Your subs: Ninja Wind Squad Hurricanger
    They are very misleading and confusing.”
    – There are (most likely) more guys searching for “Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger” than for “Ninja Wind Squad Hurricanger”, thus this way with “Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger” in the filename more guys can/should find this.

    * “If you don’t believe that, compare Over-Time timeranger subs with the HK subs.”
    – Not sure if you really mean HK subs or mixing up HK subs and RRR’s “subs”

  11. Rodmyster says:

    Everyone bitching about these is a moron. The translation is excellent, and anyone who has a problem with it is just a TVN weeaboo. The video quality is also great.

  12. Isamu says:

    I was gonna ask how EP 2 was going but holy fuck like 90% of the replies are assholes
    if you have the time to to complain and say how much better it could be, then do it on your on and stop bitching about it.

    anyways, can’t wait for ep 2, this is much better then the other subs I’ve seen

  13. Abigail says:

    “long live Nihon”

    Enjoy your terrible subs then, I guess.

  14. Abigail says:

    “This has been done already>”

    By whom, may I ask?

  15. Abigail says:

    “They are very misleading and confusing”

    I’m sorry you appear to be too stupid to keep track of two names.

  16. FaizFan says:

    Thank you for Ep 1 of Hurricanger! Love the work you’ve done on Untouchables, BTW! Thx for all the cool Toku Sentai J-Drama goodness! Peace!!!

  17. chris says:

    stick with carranger, please.

  18. wolfboy666 says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome sub. Can’t wait for episode two.

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