A bad time for new groups?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 by Drazic

Ever since’s SARS’ pathetic “fight against streaming” and Stormy trying to make sure the least amount of people possible watch their subs (among others) I’ve noticed that somehow people have become afraid to say things that might potentially offend fansubbers in the drama fandom.  At the same time I’m seeing a lot more groups trying to force their fans into worshipping their subs and even trying to force people to comment and say “Thank you”. Anything that isn’t completely positive and lacking of opinion will be seen as bash the group. This creates quite an awkward situation where comments are worthless because they’ll all just be “Thank you!” with no actual feedback at all. Obviously it’s nice to be thanked for your hard work but once you try and force it out of people who knows if it’s sincere?  This is a bad situation for most groups but I think it’s especially bad for new groups.

This is because no matter how bad or good a release is they’ll get the same comments and especially a newer group can learn a lot from criticism even if it might not seem like what you want to hear at first.  Unlike older groups they don’t have things set in stone yet so during this time a groups comments/feedback is very important. Starting out as a group that forces comments to be nice and thankful will make sure you’ll never improve.

That being said I do kind of understand the people that try to trick people into commenting as a lack of feedback can be really discouraging after you’ve done a lot of work on a sub. However, just tons of “Thank you” aren’t feedback. So if you ever decide to comment on one of our subs try to say a bit more than just that. It can even be about the show itself and not have anything to do with the subs.

2 comments on “A bad time for new groups?

  1. Fanboi says:

    Thank you!

    * wink *

  2. Whoisshisguy says:

    Interesting comments, and often true. I generally do try to say both thank you and comment a bit on the show (if I liked the actress, etc) in comments, but your points are rightly taken. Well heck, I’ve been enjoying your Angel Bank episodes. So, er.. thank you! And gotta love those Hawaiian shirts!

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