Angel Bank – Episode 6

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 by Drazic

This episode will always occupy a special place in my heart. You see, it guest stars Ms. Maju Ozawa. I was first taken with Ms. Ozawa when she guest starred in the two part season finale of the other excellent series, Keibuho Yabe Kenzo as the woman guilty of shaking down old people for their pension checks. Here’s a picture to jog your memory:

Some of you may also know her from her somewhat creepy digital performance in Yakuza 4(龍が如く4) as Lili. While she tends to be tied down by quite a few more clothes in this episode she still manages to do a great job. Because I think there are far too many pictures of her looking sexy on the internet I thought I’d counter balance it with my own screen cap from this episode.

What is she doing indeed! Countless thanks to Drazic for the timing, QC, packaging release, and whatever the hell else he does.

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4 comments on “Angel Bank – Episode 6

  1. famitsu1 says:

    Massive thanks for ep6 and for the ddl, it’s utterly appreciated. Ganbatte!!

  2. RK-IV says:

    2 episode to go !!!

    • Drazic says:

      Yep =P ep 7 is pretty much done but my desktop died a while ago so I hadn’t had the chance to finish it up and release it yet. Will be released whenever I have a desktop again, hopfully soon.

      • Florida says:

        We are waiting for the other 2 ep. In Florida you are our life line on this. Wish I could fix your desktop for ya.

        Thanks for your efforts

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