Ayumi Hamasaki – Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 by Drazic

So I hadn’t even heard this song before I decided to see how badly Renai fansubs must’ve shat all over it. And boy did they fuck that up (Unless you have  some kind of weird fetish for bad encoding and karaoke: example). So because I kinda started liking the song I decided to sub it properly. Found myself a vob at jpopsuki (Renai used the tv-rip, god knows why) and noticed that Kiwi-musume had a translation of the lyrics up (translated by Megchan though!).

Torrent | DDL

9 comments on “Ayumi Hamasaki – Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~

  1. Matsumoto @ Flower Rain FS says:

    Thank you for showing us how inhumane HR really is.

    1. If you wanted to make it that’s fine. It’s your time and project.

    2. Why start name calling? You could have simply said “We wanted to make our own version” instead you be came not so classy.

    3. They are a new FS group give them a break, I bet you were crappier when you started.

    Example of their other work:

    PS: take a little hint from Saigoyume’s post it’s a little step up from this

    • Drazic says:

      I never covered up half of the video with our logo so no, we weren’t crappier. (we did really suck though, I’m not going to deny that).

      Also, lol flower rain. you can’t be serious: http://tinyurl.com/5sexn36

      You’re going to have to stop shitting all over your subs with a watermark before I even consider you to be serious subbing groups.

      • Matsumoto @ Flower Rain FS says:

        And you still want to bad mouth people. Shame to have one person’s attitude problem ruin a FS group.

        None of us Fansub because we want to get rich, no no the opposite. We do it for the greater good. I would rather have FS groups than no fansub groups. Pity you can see eye to eye about the fake they are beginnings just starting out. You could have given the constructed criticism; instead, you (to use your own words) ‘shat all over’ their honest work.

        Everyone has their opinoins and I will say we have different taste but compared to other groups FR’s logo was clean cut and crisp.

      • Drazic says:

        If my words can ruin a fansub group then it probably isn’t much of a group to begin with.

        Of course they don’t want to get rich with it, I wouldn’t even call them fansubs if I had any reason to think otherwise. (Some groups are in quite a bit of a grey area when it comes to still being non-profit fanwork though). I never mentioned anything about money though so whatever?

        My constructed criticism would basically still be “god, this sucks” but tamer. If they want to make this a good release they pretty much have to start from scratch.

        Whether or not FR’s logo is clean cut and crips doesn’t matter shit. It’s the idea behind a watermark that for some reason people think they need more credit for the work than even the people actually working on the show and just slam their logo on the whole ep. If you want to do this make your own original media, don’t do it to other people’s work.

  2. aaron_yume says:

    Sorry I have to disagree with you there Dazic. Words can ruin a fansub group but usually only because their translating or editing sucks. While I refrained from mentioning names (as don’t see how that benefits anyone) it is quite obvious who my own release post was aimed at if anyone wished to look for themselves.

    I personally would rather see less fansubs in exchange for quality, but it would be nice if Renai would look at the difference in quality and learn from the experience and try to do better. If you are going to work on a project at least have some pride in it and attempt to do it right. Don’t know how? Learn! There are plenty of free resources out there, it just takes some time.

    On the water mark side of thing, just no how would you like someone stamping a huge logo over you own piece of work? Yes we all are in a grey area but at least try to respect the original artists,producers & staff and if anything ADD value to their work which can help promote their products.

  3. Matsumoto @ Flower Rain FS says:

    That link you posted… haha the FR logo does not cover up any type of broadcaster logo. Don’t know what your talking about. Not huge either

    • Drazic says:

      That’s really not the point. It shouldn’t be there in the first place. Whether it’s huge or not doesn’t matter. Or do you really think a fansub group should be getting the same kind of credit as the broadcaster? You said fansubs are for the “greater good” but watermarks are only there for the fansubbers e-peen and they’re fucking stupid. Nobody gives a fuck that you subbed this and they especially don’t need to be reminded every second of the video.

  4. AsIfYouReallyCare says:

    Actually, the logo and disclaimers are there to discourage people from buying fansub works, and also to let them know they can get the hardsubs for free. What this does is to make it harder for profiteers to cut and paste the videos, so naturally most of them don’t even try and just sell the videos “as is”. But once the buyers see the disclaimers, they’ll realize they’d been duped and won’t buy again. And this is what the logos and disclaimers are for.

    As for promoting the original artist’s work, I think your providing of HQ raws is actually more detrimental to their sales, since you’re taking away the reason why fans should buy when they can get a HQ raw for free. So, it amuses me to think that you actually consider helping them to incur opportunity loss to be a form of helping them to promote their work.

    Anyway, this is just my two-cents worth. If you want it, take it; if not, leave it. I’m only passing by here to tell you, Drazic, only stupid people use words like “fuck” and “shit” because they’re not smart enough to have a wider vocabulary to scold people. That’s all.

    • Drazic says:

      You already said it yourself, it won’t work. You’re just making your release crappier. I’ve seen bootlegs that are made of .srt softsubs that don’t even bother with removing the “get this for free from d-addicts” message. People just don’t care as long as they can get their drama.

      Doing hardsubs also makes it a lot easier for people who have streaming sites and/or data dvd sellers. And even then it’s rather easy to just put another watermark over the original one. The only reason they don’t is cause they’re really lazy.

      I actually didn’t mention sales at all but you’re partly right. I just don’t think sabotaging your own subs to get people to buy the official releases is the answer. But that’s a whole different subject as I never said I considered his helping them. What I said is that you’re pretty much claiming their work as your own. And as I mentioned earlier, Matsumoto said this is for the “greater good” but there’s nobody actually benefitting from watermarked subs besides the fansubbers.

      Also, Hello Thomas!

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