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Fushizen na Girl

Thursday, September 15th, 2011 by Drazic

20:57:35 Drazic: you should write me a release post for girl

20:57:38 Drazic: I hate doing those

20:57:50 Yume: i hate them more

20:57:54 Drazic: no you dont

20:57:55 Yume: and you write much better ones

20:57:56 Drazic: you love them

20:57:59 Drazic: no I dont

20:58:03 Drazic: yours are so much better

20:58:07 Yume: read the ones on saigo then lol

20:58:20 Yume: i really can’t be bothered with them

20:58:25 Drazic: yours are better

20:58:28 Yume: “Here it is go leech!”

20:58:50 Yume: but if you would kindly seed afterwards that would be super cool

20:59:07 Drazic: why, I have the seedbox

20:59:23 Yume: okay how about this

21:00:15 Yume: “Leech away you bunch of freeloading deadbeats as I have money and haz a seedbox you could never dream of ever having”

21:00:32 Yume: better?

21:00:54 Drazic: yes