Carranger episode 7-9 v2

Saturday, July 30th, 2011 by Drazic

With even better encoding this time! We were using DVD5 ISOs before which were a huge improvement over the v1s that used avi rips but it’s always better to use DVD9s when possible. So I ended up buying the DVDs from ebay cause they were cheap enough (compared to what they’d cost new). Click here if you want to see what they look like for some reason.  I also bought another sentai on dvd that we might do after Carranger but I can’t seem to find the DVDs. They’re hiding or something.

Torrent – DDL: ep7

4 comments on “Carranger episode 7-9 v2

  1. Chris C. says:

    “They’re hiding or something”.

    Kakuranger or Hurricanger, probably the latter. Calling it now. 😛

  2. Rahan says:

    😀 thanks so much for the work you’re doing.

    Weird question: When you guys hit the Zokuranger episode, do you plan on subbing their song?

  3. Andrew Fulton says:

    Love watching the classics. Just one problem, a stray apostrophe in episode 8 when YY Gonzo shows up in the bowsocks hq.

  4. Mogambo says:

    Damn those stray apostrophes! But it could be worse, you could have semicolons on the loose…

    Meanwhile, thanks for the fresh versions, and I look forward to starting this show when I finish Gekiranger. Looks like it has a very high daftness content!

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