Carranger update

Monday, May 23rd, 2011 by Drazic

Since it’s already been a while since we released the v2 batch for ep 1-3 I figured i’d make a post explaining why ep 3-6 arent released yet (If something like this happens again we won’t mind if people ask, just don’t be an ass about it). Basically releasing ep 1-3 was somewhat bad timing as two of the Carranger staff were in their finals/exams or whatever. I figured that since they were just v2s we could release the v2s in a timely manner anyway but I was wrong. Work on the second v2 batch should be almost done now though so look forward to that soonish.

For now you can go to O-T’s website to download episode 14 of Gokaiger which is the Carranger episode:

6 comments on “Carranger update

  1. Captain Marvelous says:

    Can’t wait. I downloaded the first three episodes you guys posted and eagerly await the rest of the series. The Gokaiger episode just makes the wait a little more hard because of the awesomeness. 😀

  2. Fiero says:

    Thanks for the update..can’t wait to watch episode 14 – end..thx

  3. Red V³ says:

    Whould you guys can give to me the subtitle, translitioned and whith Right Timming, pleae i am from a Brazilian Fansub and i like to ask that. I wait for the answer

    • Drazic says:

      If you’ve downloaded the v2s then you already have them. There’s nothing that’ll stop you from de-muxing the .ass file from the mkvso have fun with that =). If you can’t even do that then there’s no reason to believe you’ll be able to do proper subs.

      I can’t force you to do anything but I would prefer it if you would do the following:

      – Credit us for the original translation
      – Don’t use a watermark.
      – Make the main release softsubbed and/or release a .ass file alongside a hardsub. It seems only fair that if we allow you to use our work that you should allow others to do the same.

      • Red V³ says:

        The translation JP/ENG the credits will be yours and the our Sub will give you that credit, we just do that because of we don’t now speak japanese, it’s not for option.(The Schools wo Theatch Japanese are suck and they are a just for ho is Rich (R$ 280.00 by month, or 140 dolar)
        Thanks for the answer.

  4. Crackatoa says:

    Your are a fag….

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