Keibuho Yabe Kenzo DDL plus donating rant

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 by Drazic

And here are some more DDL links. After this little rant that is:

I removed the paypal link from our sidebar a few days ago because to be honest even if I did get a donation I wouldn’t know what the hell to do with it. At the time I added the link I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put it up in case someone came by who wanted to donate anyway. But since I manage to run the group without spending much money at all on it (and even if I did, that’s not really your problem is it) I decided to remove the link. The only real costs I have are 15$ per year for the domain and I’m perfectly capable of paying that myself.

Also, while I realise this is going to make me sound like a hypocrite since we had the banner up for so long but there are tons of better ways to spend your money than to donate it to fansubbing groups. There’s some really good charities out there that could use your money a lot better than some people subbing japanese media as a hobby. You could even buy some legit releases of stuff! Hobbies tend to cost money and if a group can’t do it without getting loads of money via donations then I think they shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Anyway, here’s what you were actually looking for in this post:


9 comments on “Keibuho Yabe Kenzo DDL plus donating rant

  1. aaron_yume says:

    Well put Drazic. It’s ridiculous that certain groups like SARS among many others try to make out that they require donations to run, when overhead costs can and often are next to nothing in the grand scale of things.

    • amrayu says:

      Dude, we never say we require donations. Get your facts straight. I’ve spent hundreds, thousands of my own money for this hobby over the years. Whatever donations we’ve received in no way offset that. If we received zero donations, we’d still be subbing–which has been the case for over a year now.

      • Drazic says:

        I just want to clarify that while I do think your group stands for everything wrong with drama hardsubs (Thank god most drama are softsubbed nowadays) this rant isn’t about SARS perse as I never really visit your site so I dont really know how you guys handle donations anyway. It’s more about groups like tvn that outright say they need 800$ per year for their site and other groups that might do the same or at least hint at it.

        I’ll leave the rest to aaron_yume, i’m sure he’ll enjoy replying to this.

  2. aaron_yume says:

    I’m sorry but you also use your fansub groups “brand” to sell merchandise through Cafepress which is the same as using your fansubs as profiteering advertisements. You also have used Groink as a provider who profits from selling raws he captures. You may not be turning a profit and running at a loss but these actions alone do not put you in a good light. Also if I am to believe you purchase DVD raws, then why are your encodes so crappy?

    • Ashley says:

      If you don’t like sars then don’t visit their site, don’t donate to them. Easy as that. No need to bash them.

  3. jiop says:

    what’s the ending song, no wiki listed the song name

  4. jiop says:

    just wanted to point out that multiupload is dead

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