Untouchable Finale

Friday, April 30th, 2010 by Drazic

And here’s the last episode of Untouchable! Which means it’s our first finished project. It took us a while to get here but we should be seeing more of them from now on. There’ll be a batch torrent uploaded next week or so for the people who missed the earlier eps. Or you could get them from our xdcc bot: #HaroRangers @ irc.rizon.net. The softsubs can be found here as always.

Download it here

3 comments on “Untouchable Finale

  1. M11 says:

    Thanks for the awesome job you guys did on the series!

  2. Zodd says:

    Nice thanks for this release. Really enjoyed the first ep.

  3. Zodd says:

    Oops meant to post this in Kenzo comment box.

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