Our goal: World Peace

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 by Drazic

As everyone knows, most organizations have a goal they want to achieve.  For example, Shocker’s goal was to rule the world.  We won’t turn you into a cyborg and brainwash you, though.  We’ll just brainwash you.  For fan-subbing, a goal would be to sub every series with Shida Mirai in it.  But since goals like that are boring and often very hard to complete, that wont be our goal (though I do love Shida Mirai and would like to sub a series with her in it some time).

We’ll need a goal that benefits us without causing a lot of extra and/or useless work. So, what we’re trying to do is set an example.  We’ll release fan-subs the way we’d like to watch them and hope that people agree with it and will want to release their subs the same way.  This is something fan-subbers often seem to forget.  If you’re subbing something, you have to ask yourself: “Would I love this release if it weren’t mine?”  If the answer to that question is “no,” then you’re doing something wrong.

As someone just watching the subs, would you enjoy having the group’s logo on screen all the time?  Hell no!  Would you enjoy having all sorts of warnings about streaming and/or selling the subs?  Certainly not!  I realize it’s horrible to see others just use your work and make some money out of it, but a simple warning in the subs isn’t going to stop them.  In fact, even in cases where bootleggers use soft-subs, they are often too lazy to remove these messages.

So, in our case this would mean that we’d want easy-to-read soft-subs that are mainly made for use on a computer, but can also be played on a TV, if the viewer puts some extra work into it.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing now.  And because something like subbing all drama containing Shida Mirai is already an impossible task, our goal is to try to show the drama fan-subbing community that it’s not scary to use soft-subs, MKV format, or to not use a watermark.

Bogdan Drazic

-HR Editor-in-Chief

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