Double 4!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009 by Drazic

And here’s last week’s episode of Kamen Rider Double. Be sure to watch!

Since this is our first series we’re doing in mkv. We’d like some feedback on how you’re liking it so far (comments that say you want us to go back to mp4 (or do avi) again wont be deleted but wont be of much use either).  I’ll also be posting a short guide later on for how to get these working in Windows Vista/7. It should be obvious enough but there might be people out there who dont know how to yet ^^. Mac users (or other unix based OS) should just get Mplayer extended  (

Download it here! (or on the bot =P)

Edit: Seems toei contacted d-addicts about Double, i’ll upload ep 4 on Nyaa and then do a batch for 1-3 there.

Edit 2: link updated. Batch for 1-3 will be up later.

Edit 3: Batch torrent for ep 1-3: click.


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