Kamen Rider Double Episode 1

Sunday, September 13th, 2009 by Drazic

New series! After Decade’s short run of 30 eps it’s a new Kamen Rider series in 2009! Kamen Rider Double is about two detectives that are able to transform into one Kamen rider. Just watch it if you want to know more!

For this series the HD releases will be the priority. We might release a SD encode too but HD will always be encoded first.

In case anyone is wondering about Carranger. That is still doing fine too and I hope we canrelease some more eps of that soon too.

Edit: Found some bugs in this version so there will be a v2. You can still get this one or wait for that. It will probably be done today.

Download it here


6 comments on “Kamen Rider Double Episode 1

  1. Kazetrigger says:

    On VLC, there are problems with lines overlapping on the screen and it would have been nice to have the theme song subbed as well. Good translation though.

  2. Drazic says:

    Do you have the latest version of VLC? I just tried it and they didnt overlap here.

  3. HyperZeronos says:

    Translated, timed and edited by us. Hope you guys enjoy(ed) it.

  4. astro says:

    please dont forget to release the SD version! thanks!!

  5. Kazetrigger says:

    Yes, I used the latest version. I was very surprised to see any problems. It may have been my resolution, though. But otherwise, I don’t know why the lines overlapped.

  6. Drazic says:

    odd, i was talking to someone else who had this problem and updating vlc worked for him.

    I made sure it shouldnt be a problem anymore in v2 anyway though.

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