Softsubbed Asaobi ni Ikou yo (AKA: third MKV test)

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 by Drazic

It’s time for a new mkv test! This time we’re doing a second version of Asabo ni Ikou yo with the karaoke softsubbed. It’s the same thing as before just with everything softsubbed.

Since this wont work very well on most players we wont be going softsubs only for PVs. This is just a nice little test release for the 1/2 people out there interested in this. We’ll probably do this once in a while to see if karaoke support for softsubs has improved or not.

I tried it on 3 myself so far and it only worked in mplayer extended. QT didnt want to do the effect at all and VLC tried but failed.  If you’re downloading this let us know what you tried it in and if it worked or not by leaving a comment to this post.

Asobi ni Ikou yo:




2 comments on “Softsubbed Asaobi ni Ikou yo (AKA: third MKV test)

  1. Kazetrigger says:

    VLC worked for me, but the effect was delayed and choppy. It caused the video to become pixelated at times.

    TCMP started to work and seemed like it would work fine, but encountered an error and closed down within a few seconds.

  2. rpger81 says:

    Yea, VLC can’t parse ass tags correctly. It tried but failed to get it perfectly right.

    Worked perfectly in KMP and MPC… but that’s because I have them externally use VSFilter.dll to render subs instead of the built-in engines. I really like these softsubs and think you guys are doing a wonderful thing 🙂

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