MKV Test Release

Monday, July 20th, 2009 by Drazic

It’s 2009, we’ve got awesome stuff like MKV and embedded subs and stuff for a while now. So why are we still doing MP4 hardsubs? I couldn’t find a good answer which is why we’re going to slowly change our encoding from mp4 hardsubs to MKV embedded softsubs.

Current encoding decisions were made when MKV+embedded softsub support was still very bad on operating systems that aren’t Windows. I’m using Mac OS X myself and at the time I founded HR the only way to play MKV+embedded softsubs on there was with VLC. Which was horrible. It was obvious that I couldn’t even consider using MKV back then because of that. But now there are programs like Perian for Quicktime, Mplayer extended and the newer updates of VLC Player which make sure that they work just as fine as on Windows.  So while I feel that there was a good reason to do MP4 hardsubs when we started out, there are no longer any reasons to not support MKV.

Current hardsubbed projects will stay hardsubbed for consistency but any new project we start will be encoded in MKV+embedded softsubs. We’ll also be doing seperate softsubs for Jikou Keisatsu 2 because of the lack of HD encodes of that series (only for ep 6-9, you can find softsubs for 1-5 at d-addicts). Karaoke PVs will stay hardsubbed. We haven’t decided yet wether that will remain as  MP4 hardsubs or will become MKV hardsubs.

To show how this will work we’re going to do a re-release of the Perfume talk segments at Hey!x3 we did in MKV with embedded softsubs. For now this will only be the HD version but if there’s enough requests for an SD version encoded like that we’ll do that too. Love the world is going to be released first and then Baby cruising love will be done sometimes after that.

Love the world at Hey!x3: click


7 comments on “MKV Test Release

  1. scorpius says:

    quite good, btw when will you update Carranger and also if possible could you sub this series or perhaps this one

  2. Azazel says:

    I do have to question the choice of switching to mkv, i just dont see the reason to change your setup, mp4 is a more universal container that can be played on all computers and PS3/360 devices, where as mkv can only be played on computers, if its just a case of wanting to do softsub option, mp4 can allow you to have a softsub track, if its to allow you to do HD, then its another daft descision as mp4 is perfectly fine for it as show by the HD encodeds of T-N, also lets not forget the disaster of GUIS mkv softsubs that didnt play very well at all

  3. Drazic says:

    You’re right, the main reason to switch is embedded softsubs. When i googled for embedded softsubs+mp4 the first hit was this page lol xD I’ll have to assume that’s just like chaptering for mp4 and that it’s not an official standard that wouldnt work on ps3/360 anyway.

    As for ps3/360, the ps3 can play mkvs+embedded softsubs just fine if you stream it to the console from a pc. So you want us so stick to mp4 hardsubs just because the 360 cant play it? (the way our mp4 hardsubs were encoded probably didnt work on 360 in the first place anyway). Besides that hdd based media players or htpcs are becoming more popular and those can play mkv+embedded softsubs just fine.

    GUIS was just to easily influenced by some people not liking it 😉 I’m not forgetting it though and like i mentioned, current projects will stay hardsubbed so Carranger will too.

    While you’re providing okay arguments i think it wont do us any good in the long run to keep doing mp4 hardsubs because of those. mkv will be the new standard and we just want to release our subs in the superior format now allready 😉

  4. Azazel says:

    I dont own either so i dont really care, but i do know alot of people do like to be able to drop the files straight onto there ps3/360 for convience,

    well if you want to get technical, the video stream will stay the same as you will still be encoding with x.264,

    as for failed playback on ps3/360 that can be put down to bad settings selected in the x.264 config,

    Ill give you credit that alot of people do have a comp hooked up to their tv, i do, but still, I just cant see the need to switch the container,

    its just a container, you wont get any enhanced quality by using mkv, more than likely you will end up with a lot of frustrated people who cant view the subtitle stream, I have seen it happen with alot of releases in the embedded softsub option,

    You have to remember its the way the video is encoded that either give a good or bad result, not the container, but its upto you as to how you run your encodes,

    Im just putting down thoughts, heck as long as you produce good subs, ill still watch, but i do hope you get the embedding done right or you will have a lot of people being angry at you.

  5. Drazic says:

    While it’s true that mkv is just a container like mp4. mkv in this case means support of softsubs which like i said, is the main reason for switching to it. We can do chapters too now but i can live without that. (and yes, mp4 does chapters too but it’s no in the standard).

    Softsubs means better looking subs, easier to encode videos and size adjustable subs. I think it will improve the release quality. If we have to drop legacy support to make our releases better than we’ll just have to accept that.

    The audio for this being encoded in ogg also means we’re using an encoding method that’s 100% open source. (besides the content ofcourse ;P). Which I like =). I’m not sure yet if this means we’re losing compatibility though but i’m pretty sure that everything able to play mkv+softsubs can play ogg audio. If not we’ll consider doing aac again.

  6. ruisu says:


    I personally don’t mind reencoding for my DAP, so I think this is a good move — but most people will. Cheers to the crispy hi-res subtitles.

    • Drazic says:

      Yeah, softsubs just look way better /o/

      With DAP you mean stuff like Ipods and other smaller mp4 players? you’d need to re-encode for those anyway as you can get them to be way smaller and still look the same on small screens like that.

      And where the fuck were you xD? I havent heard from you in ages. Your blog seems even more dead as usual.

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