Ningen no Shoumei – Episode 3 Release

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 by kazetrigger

Hello, everyone.

This is Kazetrigger, the latest addition to the Harorangers team. I’m the translator for Ningen no Shoumei and soon-to-be-more releases here at HR.

I hope you enjoyed the first two episodes of Ningen no Shoumei because it only gets better from here. So, here it is: Episode 3.

Download it here

See you.

PS: I found out that there’s a dvd release for Idoling!!!’s Kokuhaku. There will be a re-release soon so if you want better quality you can wait for that one (Drazic)

2 comments on “Ningen no Shoumei – Episode 3 Release

  1. James says:

    You know i love these dramas and all you guys are doing a great job. But when will your next music PV release be???

    • Kazetrigger says:

      Well, we released an Idoling!!! PV only a few days ago. But don’t worry, we are still working on other PV releases. We just don’t have any release dates planned yet. But it shouldn’t be too much longer.

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