The Beginner’s Mark of Justice

Monday, January 12th, 2009 by Drazic

It’s time for another ep of Gekisou Sentai CarRanger!  Make sure to stay cautious even if the light turns green.  Instead of a screencap here’s a random Kurusu Atsuko pic: 

Download it here


5 comments on “The Beginner’s Mark of Justice

  1. panichouse says:

    thank you so much 😀

  2. Genpachi says:

    Episode 3, woo!!! Thanks

  3. VanKeissII says:

    Great!! I am waiting for this so long… ^^

  4. jigenbakuda says:

    This show is so hilariously crappy… Man what did I watch in my youth… its the power rangers with the “do the right thing” vibes from captain planet. I love this show. It has to be from the 80’s or something…

    Also translation is awesome… too awesome!

    Please keep up the good work, even though show is so crappy I laugh at it… I can’t stop watching it…

    traffic safety, lol. But no multiculturalism.. where is the chinese ranger and korean ranger? Wheres the gaijin ranger… you fail the multiculturalism test japan…

    Queen badguy chick is fricken hot though…

  5. Drazic says:

    “It has to be from the 80’s or something…”
    It’s from the 90’s =) (1996-1997)
    “Queen badguy chick is fricken hot though…”
    Definitly xD

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