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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 by Drazic

Bringing wonderful Japanese entertainment takes a lot of people and we at HaroRangers would like your help in bringing more (like Dorama, Tokusatsu and PVs) to English-speaking peoples. We’re always looking for more crew members. Below is a list of positions we’re looking to fill.

We’re also hoping there are some kind people willing to donate some money to our PayPal account. As I’ve been spending more money on the group lately, I’d appreciate it if people would help a bit with that. The money will go to payments for the seedbox, domain and to buy DVD raws for PVs and dorama/toku. You can use the button on the left sidebar or send something to paypal[at] You wont get anything from donating. Just knowing that you are helping us a bit is what you’ll get.


Japanese to English. You obviously need enough Japanese skills to be to be able to translate Japanese (interpreting  by ear is preferred, but if you can use a transcript, that’s fine too). You will get a say in what you get to translate and we’ll do our best to build a team of other members who are interested in it. Experience with fansub groups isn’t needed but it’s obvious that you have to have some experience with translating Japanese.

– Timers

You just need basic knowledge of Aegisub (or something else if you want) to be able to time releases. This and translators are the only positions where we might consider having people without experience join.

– Karaoke timer

Simple enough, just need to be able to time a PV with karaoke.

– Typesetter

For this you need to be able to typeset subs for dorama/toku/etc. You don’t need to be able to do effects.

– Karaoke typesetter

Since we’re only looking for people with experience, you know what to do. Need to be able to QC the timing and make effects for the karaoke. Experience and knowledge of karaoke timing required!

If you’re interested in joining you can leave a comment on this post with your email/IM info (Yahoo!, MSN (Live), ICQ, Google Talk or AIM) or send me a mail to staff[at] Joining will also mean you get an email address of your choosing.


6 comments on “Now hiring

  1. mahoula says:

    i am interested in a timing position
    my email is

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  3. ssglowingstone says:

    still hiring?

    i’m interested with, timer, karaoke timer, or maybe noneffect typesetter

    but I’m totally newbie, my purpose is to gain some experience, cuz HR is one of the best fansub

    here’s my works:

  4. Drazic says:

    Yeah, we are still hiring.

    You’ve got mail! ^^

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