Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 by Drazic

A new release after some time again, this time a L’arc~en~Ciel song,

downloadable: Here (50MB)

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16 comments on “L’arc~en~Ciel

  1. KATE says:


  2. Athii says:

    It seems that this link is not working 😦

  3. graci says:

    Hm~ what a pitty… the link isn’t working anymore 😦
    Could you please upload it again?! ^^

  4. James says:

    ya i downloaded that three times now…..its corrupted. plays the fist 40 or so secs then crashes

  5. James says:

    guess no one cares about this pv no more -.-

  6. Drazic says:

    the divshare link should work, crashing after 40 seconds sounds more like a problem on your side of things

  7. James says:

    nope 😀 every video works fine except that one.

  8. James says:

    No one download this file its badly corrupted and its not a problem on my end I even opened it in a video remaker to fix the problem yet such a large file only has 38 seconds of video then crashes your computer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

  9. Drazic says:

    It seems you’re actually right too xD It seems divshare fucked up or something because the original didnt have this.

    I’ll have to see if i still have this somewhere…

  10. Drazic says:

    new link: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/120213/%5BHaroRangers%5D%20L%27arc%7Een%7ECiel%20-%20Daybreak%20Bell%20%5B93B08DD9%5D.MP4

    To show that the file from this link is different:
    old file CRC32: CC9F61BC
    new file CRC32: 93B08DD9

  11. James says:

    Ya that was one funky file thanks for the new link! just have to figure out how to down load that ^.^

  12. James says:

    nvm 😦 guess im not meant to have this video lol….wont download and crashes internet at final 3 seconds >.<.

  13. Drazic says:

    right click>save file as

    works for me xD

  14. James says:

    hmmm i give up doesnt work for me ill wait till someone posts it on a torrent site 😦

  15. James says:

    uggg ok sorry for double post works fine im stupid thanks drazic ❤

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