YUI – Jam

Saturday, October 13th, 2007 by Drazic

It’s subbed! Leave a comment if you have an idea for what I could say here ;P

Download it here!

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5 comments on “YUI – Jam

  1. okies says:

    hmmm…you could say its a rock ass song LOL
    even if i havnet hearld it yet LOL ^^
    thanks for the release ^^;

  2. kate says:

    thanks HaroRangers for subbing her recent pv. i love YUI she’s awesome. I was wondering no one has subbed her pv for “Feel My Soul”, its such a nice song. I wished someone would sub it because i want to know the meaning of it. but thanks alot for your effort of subbing this one. =)

  3. […] Note: Subbed version is out! Get it from HaroRangers […]

  4. Shafique says:

    Hey! Thanks for the subbed PV. Now I can sing while watching it. Cool!

  5. […] Here is the PV of YUI – Jam and it is ready to be downloaded and shared.This is the great PV from YUI and she is very powerful in this PV.She also looks very cute like me.Hehe.Just kidding.Anyway all YUI’s songs is fantastic and I really like all her songs.She is absolutely the best JPop singer for me.This PV is subbed by HaroRangers […]

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