Wednesday, July 4th, 2007 by Drazic

Download it Here! (51.89MB) 

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12 comments on “ERIKA – FREE

  1. uzumakie says:

    hehe goed werk ( ^.^)
    ik zat erop te wachten wie deze PV ging subben

    vette karaoke trouwens (ik moet nog steeds eens kijken hoe dat moet moet¿ …)

  2. itsonlykat says:

    Thank you so much for putting subs on this! you are AWESOME! and I love Erika, shes a good actress and singer! Hopefully she will perform on tv soon to promote her single, and i can’t wait!!!

  3. itsonlykat says:

    I have just finished watching this PV after I downloaded it, wow you HaroRangers did a wonderful job, i really really liked the song now, and Erika is so cool too in that video. By any chance will HaroRangers sub Erika’s PV Fantasy, i have seen it on other sites but no one has sub it yet. Thanks for taking the time to sub Erika’s Pv, youre awesome, by the way, i found your site because im new at jpopsuki’s website, and i was searching for Erika’s Pv and came across your torrent. So that is how i discovered your wonderful site! Thank you again for sharing. I hope if you have time in your busy schedule, i hope to see Erika’s Fantasy Pv subbed. But its okay if you are already with your current projects. I don’t want to put any pressure on you or request anything, i don’t like to make those who share angry, or annoyed. Sorry if i am irritating you, just a newbie to your site. Have a good day. =)

  4. BexXz says:

    thnx for your nice words there Itsonlykat 😀
    and yes, we will be doing fantasy.. but when, i cannot tell you that, so look forward to it 😀

  5. Natzu says:

    anoo…. I could not download it from the link.
    It says “The file you requested was removed for violating MediaFire’s Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy”. Would you mind to re-upload it for me? Domo Arigatou ^^v

  6. BexXz says:

    Link has been fixed on the “Download Section”

  7. […] quality PV Posted in Erika Sawajiri, Translation | Tagged english, j-pop, japan, japanese, jpop, kanji, […]

  8. teodz1984 says:

    The SENDSPACE LINK of FREE is down.. could you reupload it to megaupload ? thanks

  9. Harumi says:

    The link doesn’t work =( could someone please reupload it? thank you! ^^

  10. Automobile says:


    Looking for something else, but nice site. Have an excellent day….

  11. Momoiro says:

    Please someone re-upload file.
    I’m a big fan of HaroRangers works and have googled this PV for several hours and found nothing.
    Only dead torrent on jpopsuki and this dead link.


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